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cherub Doll collecting is a popular hobby among young and old. People collect dolls for a variety of reasons. They might collect dolls because of their love for dolls, or they might collect them because it reminds them of a simpler time. cherubOther people collect dolls due to the resale value, or people might collect dolls because of the beautiful clothes and outfits.

Ask any avid doll collector in South Africa. They all trust one place to restore their dolls. Jakira, situated in the northern suburbs of Cape Town, has been around for more than 40 years.

a cherubJakira will restore your antique doll the correct way for your item not to lose any of its value. Jakira specialises in the restoration of many types of dolls, including Vinyl Dolls, Barbies, First Love Dolls , Plastic Dolls and So much more.

If you are looking for a show stopper of an outfit for your doll or maybe wish to have a replica of the doll's original outfit made, Jakira is the place to find it. Jakira always goes the extra mile to give the customer what they want, yet the doll clothes are reasonably priced.

American Girl Dolls is a well-known brand of dolls in the United States. It is very successful in America. Jakira has bought a wide variety of these beautiful dolls and is reselling them here in South Africa. They genuinely are the perfect gift.


Dress your doll at Jakira


Do you want a special outfit for your doll or maybe a replica of the original dress. The attention to detail of our outfits is really something special.

Dress your doll at Jakira


We are a doll hospital, who specialise in making your dolls look beautiful. Here they will get restored and even receive a spa treatment.

Dress your doll at Jakira


Our brand new online store will have something that will look good in any collection. New items added regularly so come back so you don't miss out.

American Girl Dolls is a highly collectable vinyl doll. It's no wonder that American Girl dolls have become so popular in the United States. Although multiple American Girl Doll shops in America sell the dolls, they have not yet expanded into other countries. That means that any American Girl doll found outside the USA was imported, which only adds to the appeal of these dolls.

In addition to the dolls, the collection includes a variety of accessories. Jakira brings a wide variety of these dolls and accessories to the South African market. They have a variety of dolls in varying sizes. Stock is limited, so don't delay. Get your American Girl Doll today.

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Sanet Meyer Meiring

I have been taking my dolls to Jakira Dolly Designs since April 2021, and I can highly recommend her. There were some dolls I did not think she would ever be able to repair, but she repeatedly proved me wrong and handed me my dolls that looked like new dolls. I can highly recommend her.

Liezel Brouwer

I sent 6 really different dolls all with different ailments from lashes, broken limbs and neck as well as one girl needing some lip and cheek colour. The dolls came back to me in the most beautiful condition and so well repaired. You can see the care in their work! Thank you!

Manuela Louro

Absolutely stunning service! Work is meticulously done and very reasonable prices for the amount of work and parts. Thank you so much!

Erica Botha

Thank you for the excellent service of fixing dolls and a spa as well. Dolls are spoiled nicely at Melody and Mommy Charmaine. I personally experienced only the best service from them. The clothes are unique one of a kind Very neat and good material is used. I recommend Jakira to Ladies the service is excellent. Your Doll is clean and fresh and just as new when you get your Doll child back. Thank you for the hard work I really appreciate it.

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