Some of the world's most expensive dolls and toys ever sold

See if you can guess what these toys were sold for.

What is your skill at estimating the value of dolls and toys? Let's find out. Here are twelve of the most expensive dolls sold for astronomical prices. They are all numbered. The amount of each item is also listed but not in the correct order. Guess the sale price of each of these collectables. We will then discuss each doll and show you the right combinations.

We'll begin by getting you to write down what you think the right combination is.

Write down the number of each doll together with the letter of the prize that you think is right from the the ones below.

Don't scroll pass this point until you have all your answers.

Devi Kroell Barbie Doll

Devi Kroell, a well-known fashion designer, worked with Mattel to create this Barbie doll. Devi Kroell is well known for her Italian-made handbags and purses. This Barbie included a fashion handbag and boots designed by Devi Kroell. A one of a kind Barbie got made for the Council of Fashion Designers. It was the only Devi Kroell Barbie doll that included golden boots. It got auctioned in 2010. It sold for $1 075 (Approx R16 697) at the auction.

Marie Antoinette Barbie

This Barbie got based on Marie Antoinette, who became Queen of France when King Louis XVI became king in the 18th-century. She has porcelain roses in her hands and blue satin ribbon shoes.

The Barbie is one of a kind and includes a luxurious dress with golden fringe, layers, tassels, and bows. It sold for $1 250 (Approx R19 428).

James Dudley Cabbage Patch Kid

Cabbage Patch Kids, a hugely popular brand of dolls from the 1980s, is still very sought after among collectors today. This Cabbage Patch doll in question was from 1985 and in a mint condition. It was still in the original packaging. Somebody wanted to include it in their collection and was willing to pay $3000 for it. (Approx R46 465).

Lorraine Schwartz Barbie

Believe me when I say that the person buying this Barbie knows good value when they see it. Lorraine Schwartz is a jewellery designer from New York. Beyonce and Jennifer Lopez and been seen wearing her jewellery. The Lorraine Schwartz Barbie comes with diamond earrings and trimmed high heels. Also included are a bracelet and a signature B pendant. This Barbie sold for $7500. (Approx R116 337).

The big surprise is that the buyer bought this doll for a third of its value. The jewellery alone on this Barbie got valued at $25 000.

Louis Vuitton Monogram Teddy Bear

The first teddy bear on this list. Luis Vuitton, founded in the 1800s, is a French luxury retail brand. The bear has Louis Vuitton's famous logo all over it. It makes it very easy to identify the bear.

Only 500 of these bears were produced and are the only bear that Louis Vuitton ever made. The bear came with a cowhide leather collar and got released in 2004. The average retail price is $9 000. (Approx R140 104)

Mint Condition Original Barbie

Barbie was first released in 1959. The very first Barbie was released with a black and white bathing suit and had golden hair and blue eyeshadow. The first Barbies had holes at the bottom of their feet. When first sold, this Barbie got marketed as a teenage fashion doll. Back in 1959, these dolls sold for $3 each.

Typically these dolls sell for $8 000. A Barbie in mint condition sold on auction for $27 450. (Approx R426 996)

Marina Bychkova (Enchanted Doll)

Marina Bychkova is a Canadian artist who creates one of a kind dolls. It takes her up to 300 hours to complete one doll. She makes everything for the dolls, including their elaborate outfits, painted bodies, and models to cast the porcelain doll in.

Some of her dolls have sold for as much as $75 000 in the past. The doll shown here called Daphne in Disguise or The Mystery of the Venetian Carnival sold on auction for $42,473. (Approx R664 014)

Blue Ivy Barbie Doll

Have you ever wondered with what toys the children of the rich and famous play? Well, wonder no more. Beyonce and Jay-Z's baby girl Blue Ivy got this Barbie as a gift when she turned one. She had an extravagant birthday celebration that included a cake of $2000, gifts and toys for the guest to the value of $33 000 and various rose decorations that set the couple back another $50 000.

The Barbie doll includes 160 gems and white gold jewellery. This custom made barbie doll has a value of $80 000. (Approx R1 244 304)

Stefano Canturi Barbie Or Diamond Barbie

To date, the Stefano Canturi Barbie is the most expensive Barbie doll ever sold. Canturi, an internationally renowned jewellery designer, teamed up to make this Barbie. It took Canturi six months to complete this doll.

The main feature of this doll is the diamond Cubism necklace that has a white diamond circling a one carat Australian Argyle pink diamond. She also has a Canturi diamond ring. It was sold in 2010 at Christi's in New York for $302 500(Approx R4 727 137), with all proceeds going to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

Kämmer and Reinhardt Life-Like Doll

This doll is not like many other dolls on this list that come with diamonds and expensive stones. This doll has no jewellery. What makes this doll so special is that no other example of this doll is known. Experts think that it got made from an experimental mold.

K and R dolls made this doll. She comes from Germany and is from the early 1900s. This doll sold at auction for a staggering $400 000 (Approx R6 227 659).

Steiff Louis Vuitton Teddy Bear

Steiff and Louis Vuitton came together to create the world's most expensive teddy bear. The bear comes with all designer brand accessories and includes a miniature Louis Vuitton suitcase.

It sold at a Monaco charity auction in 2000. The buyer was a famous collector, Jessie Kim. These days it can be found at the Korean Teddy Bear Museum in Jeju. In the 2000 auction, Jessie Kim paid $2.1 million (Approx R32.8 million) for this teddy bear.

Madame Alexander Eloise

Madame Alexander made 5 of these dolls. All hand made by the doll designer herself. These dolls are a symbol of luxury and include various luxury brands. The doll wears Christian Dior clothes, Oscar de la Renta fur, and Katherine Baumann accessories. On top of all that, the dolls are decorated with Swarovski crystals and nine-carat diamonds.

Each of the five dolls comes with different accessories and a pet dog. These dolls are worth $ 5 million (Approx R78.1 million).

Let see how you did. Here is the right combinations of doll and price

1G 2L 3I 4K 5E 6C 7A 8J 9D 10H 11B and 12F

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